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Hi, I am Madhuri Borkar. I am a simple, sweet, and confident girl with a very friendly nature, a positive attitude girl, and a creative person. I had completed my engineering from UIT-RGPV Bhopal.

Since I passed my graduation in 2009, I tried hard to crack government sector exams. It was my hard luck that I was unable to crack those exams. This phase of my life was very sadistic. Because of my family support, I am now out of this phase. Now I want to change my field and enter into the Digital Marketing field. I love to wear different fashionable clothes and accessories.

Fashion is a constantly changing trend of the latest style of clothing, hair, footwear as well as other accessories. Fashion depends on person to person, the person’s mood, weather, and occasions. It differs based on place, community, and most importantly time.

The trends and ideas are changing from time to time. As fashion is changing day by day and followed by a large number of people. All people nowadays want to look presentable within society. A person’s social status and character are judged considering his outward look.

People proceed with the largest fashion trends to appear and feel well and wow others. Someone who dresses up according to the latest fashion and design is well-liked by every person around and everyone wants to praise you. He or she becomes an inspiration for others.